Recensie van het Festival Fabriek Magnifique in Veghel


In het kleinste restaurant van Nederland vliegen de preien door de lucht. Dit en andere pareltjes van Fabriek Magnifique Dank aan Brabants Dagblad en onderstaande verslaggevers: Franka Willems-Netten, Kirsten Rietbergen, Philip van den Brand 24-07-22, 09:25Laatste update: 24-07-22, 17:36 VEGHEL – In Chez Cirqurant, het kleinste restaurant van Nederland, vliegen de preien en uien door de lucht. Want Jeroen van der Lee is …

Artikel about Jeroen van der Lee

theater terras

For the occasion of his 25th jubilee as an artist, journalist Karin Verouden wrote an articel about Jeroen and his work. Click here for the full artikel.

Jango Edwards in the Netherlands

Jango Edwards Chez Cirqaurant 1

Specially for Chez Cirqaurant Jango Edwards came to the Netherlands. During a whole week Jango and Jeroen worked on the show. Until than the show created over the internet through video conferencing and seperated trainings.

Première Chez Cirqaurant

Chez Cirqaurant Premiere 1

In oktober finally the time had come to play the première of the 90 minutes theatershow Chez Cirqaurant. In this post you can read the very nice piece that was placed in the lokal newspaper.

Chez Cirqaurant performed during the cultural night

2022 10 OosterhoutNieuws CultuurNacht

Specially for this event, cultural night 2022 Oosterhout, we have produced a programma of 20 minutes. On the evening of 30th oktober 2022 we had 5 groups of 30 persons who came together on the parking place where we set up shop.Jeroen produced the show in order that the story made sense and mainly the audience was surprised by the …