Chez Cirqaurant


55 minutes
Hilarious school performance
for all ages
The story

This bistro, Charcuterie, Gourmet Lounge Restaurant only offers a reservation for a single guest patron. One man comedy show! 3 top caracters played by 1 artist

Chez Cirqaurant, is the only 5 star, 2 chef hats rated restaurant. Johan Niecan, master chef and virtuoso offers an exclusive table d‘hôte dining policy.

Every evening only one confirmed reservation is accepted and reserved for the dining pleasure of a single guest patron. This bistro, charcuterie, gourmet lounge restaurant not only offers a distinct and diverse menu each and every day of the year but it also presents at night ‘The Chez Cirqaurant Moulin Rouge Revue' A show with a line-up of international artist!

The school performance is well seen for audiences of appr. 300 students.

The school can also work on the concept of healthy food, there is a lot of attention for the food after this show.

There is also a possibility for an extra workshop next to the show. Contact us for all possibilities

schoolvoorstelling Chez Cirqaurant

The theatershow:
The school performance takes ± 55 minutes and is specially written for a young audience.

De show can be played 2x during a day.

Technical rider:
- Stage area 9 meter wide, 7 meter deep, 5 meter height (minimum 7 meter wide, 7 meter deep and 5 meter height)
- Own tecnical staff and p.a. installation.
- Theater lighting available on request.

Stef Arntz artiesten & evenementen
Phone. 00 31 20 625 21 98

Direction: Jango Edwards
Actor: Jeroen van der Lee
Sound tec: Vincent Vergouwen

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