Chez Cirqaurant

40 minutes
The 3 course meal
Casual diner at the terras.

The story

You arrive at the terras. DoeDoe "the help" is cleaning the restaurant, as good as he can.

Suddenly the phone rings, a reservation is made.  We have started the show Chez Cirqaurant.

Johan the chef makes the diner while singing his songs and Jacque, de maitre, tries to make everything as smooth as possible.
Everytime the diner is delicious but is the cook drinking.....

Either way the waither, the chef and the help are ready to make a thrilling dinershow for every streettheater festival.

During the show there is real food for our guest on stage!

The streetheatershow:
The streettheatershow takes ± 40 minutes and is suitable for all ages.

The show can be played at a maximum of 3 times during 4 ours.

Technical rider:
- Playing area 7 meter wide, 7 meter deep and 5 meter height.

Stef Arntz artiesten & evenementen
Phone. 00 31 20 625 21 98

Direction: Jango Edwards
Actor: Jeroen van der Lee
Sound tec: Vincent Vergouwen

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